Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Isetta Update?

I was recently ask how come there haven't been post about my Isetta restoration in a long time. The reason is that over the last several years I've been having some serious work space issues. My shop had become so crowded that it became difficult to work on the projects that provide my income as well as my beloved microcars and motorcycles. The time came that I needed to finish some long overdo remodeling projects that would provide me with more space and a more efficient shop. For almost a year, I've had my Isetta's and other vehicles pushed into a corner of the shop with blankets over them and plywood around them to protect them through the remodeling project. Recently I got to the point with my remodeling that I was able to unpack the cars and move them into their new more spacious surroundings and can once again work on them. I'm currently working on the Isetta's sunroof (with my wife's help) and should be posting about that in the near future. So there you have it, I had to take a break from my Isetta restoration for awhile, but hopefully I'll be finishing it up in the coming months.

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