Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Isetta - Chassis Restored

The chassis restoration on our white Isetta is nearing completion. I still need to do the brake lines and a few other little things. I've also been going back and nickel plating a few things that I had painted earlier in the restoration. Over the winter I plan on working on reupholstering the seat and remaking the interior panels. Also next spring I would like to do a test drive with the body off, so I'll be rigging up a temporary seat, gas tank, and battery. I'll also need to make some kind of support for the steering wheel and shifter.


  1. How does the front suspension work?

  2. Can you purchase a full restoration of such Isetta
    I have lived in Japan
    If possible, please tell me how to

    1. You might try contacting Greg Hahs, also known as the Isetta Dude. He is located in California and is usually busy restoring several Isettas at a time. I also think he has experience with shipping cars internationally. You can email him at - isettadude@gmail.com