Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2002 Story Microcar Meet

Click on the photo to go to a great Flickr photo set from the 2002 Microcar Meet in Story Germany. Story was once home to the legendary  now closed Story Auto Museum. When the Story Museum closed, many people wondered what happened to the collection. Great news, the owners of the Story Museum, Otto and Marianne Kunnecke have reached an agreement with the new P.S. Speicher Museum in Einbeck Germany to display the collection of microcars, scooters, and motorcycles. It was a sad day for microcar lovers in the US when the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum closed its doors and the cars were auctioned off to bidders from around the world. Thankfully the Kunnecke's collection is still intact and will once again be available for the public to enjoy.

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