Monday, December 31, 2012

Bajaj Service Manual

What a great end to the year! I've been having a very difficult time locating an owners manual or service manual for my Bajaj and today one I found on ebay arrived in the mail. It's not for the exact model I have. It's for the FE (Front Engine). I have a  RE (Rear engine), but the manual is for 2-stroke engines like mine, and it's approximately from the same time period. Even though it's a FE manual, most of the information is applicable to my Bajaj. FE or front engine is somewhat of a misnomer. The engines on FE's is more of a mid engine located slightly underneath and behind the driver. The main difference between the FE and RE is on the FE the power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an enclosed chain drive. On the RE's the power is transmitted to the rear wheels directly by drive shafts. Much to my delight, this is a very comprehensive manual intended for repair shops that serviced these vehicles. I think pretty much any information I'll need restoring my Bajaj is in this manual. 

More coming soon........