Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Isetta - Front Door

I finally got the door of my Isetta installed. It's been under a packing blanket on a work table in my shop for a long time, so it really feels good to get it on the car and free up a table.

I had the original hinges re-chromed. And of course, new rubber bumpers for the hinges. 

New door seal. I used 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive (part # 08008 black) to glue my door seal in. It's a lot like a contact adhesive. You need to spread a thin coat on both surfaces, let the glue dry until it's tacky, and then press your seal to the door. 

I'm having just a little bit of trouble with the door seems like it wants to sag on the handle side. To get it to close all the way, I have to lift up while I'm turning the handle. Obviously I need to do some tweaking to get the door properly adjusted, but I think I'll wait until I get the dash and the door shock installed before I make my final adjustments.

I still have a little bit of wiring to finish on the dash, but I'm pretty close to being ready to install the dash, door shock, and steering wheel.


  1. it does take some fiddling to get the door to fit just right. you can use shims and washers to space the hinges as needed. does take some patience....do it after you instlal the glass and as that add quite bit of weight.