Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog Watch

I thought I'd mention a couple of relatively new microcar blogs that I've been enjoying.

The first one is Heinkel Cars, Kabines and Cabin Scooters.  If you're a fan of the Isetta's funky cousin the Heinkel-Kabine, you'll enjoy this blog as New England scooter enthusiast Shawn M. blogs about the restoration of his Heinkel-Kabine as well as posting some nice period literature and pictures of his beautifully restored scooters.

The second blog is Isetta Velam Journal D'une Restauration.  This is a French microcar enthusiast blogging about the restoration of his Isetta Velam. Most of the photos of Velams you see on the web are of complete cars sitting in museums or in somebodies collection, so I'm really enjoying seeing pictures of one in the process of restoration. In my humble opinion, I think Velams are one of the most beautiful versions of the Isetta. 

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