Monday, December 20, 2010

Dirty Oil Wears Out Motors

Especially on a car with no proper oil filter! Change you oil regularly and get yourself a magnetic oil drain plug. A magnetic oil drain plug that fits Isetta's is available from BMW motorcycle dealerships. The BMW part # is 11-13-1-744-329


  1. What brand and weight motor oil are you using in your Isetta motor?

  2. Some advice I read in regard to motor oil for Isettas that makes a lot of sense is not to think of the Isetta engine as a "car" engine, but as the modified BMW R27 motorcycle engine that it is. I'm using BMW 20W-50 oil formulated for 4 stroke motorcycles. If I didn't have a BMW motorcycle dealer down the street from me, I'd probably be using Bel-Ray brand lubricants.