Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Isetta - New Home

The Isetta's have arrived at their new home in downtown Kansas City.

The first thing I did before moving the cars to the garage was to borrow a "hotsy" pressure washer from a friend and give the underside as good a cleaning as I could.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the underside of the cars before I washed them, but the engine, transmission, and chain cases were covered with a layer of grime that was probably an inch thick in some areas.

I had mentioned in a previous post how the original owner of these Isetta's was moving from her rural home to a condo a few blocks from us. Her new condo is in the background of this photo. If I have the Isetta's parked behind our building, she can easily see them from her windows with binoculars.

That's the look of a happy guy.

Now that I've cleaned off as much grease and grime from the underside as I can, the Isetta's have been moved to the "Isetta Cave" to begin their restoration.

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