Sunday, September 13, 2009

Isetta - Engine Disassembly

As I mentioned in the transmission rebuild post, I've decided to use Bill Rogers for rebuilding the engine and transmission. Before the engine was sent to Bill, I had had the carburetor rebuilt by Bing, and had done some minor cosmetic things such as bead blasting and repairing cracks in the engine cooling shroud, bead blasting the the valve covers, fan, point cover, and cleaning up the blower housing. This is a picture of the engine as I was crating it to send to Bill. All of the photos below this were taken by Bill during his rebuild of my engine. I have a link to Bill's website in my sidebar links.

Engine as Bill received it with the cooling shrouds removed

Blower cover removed

Blower removed and automatic advance removed

Field coils removed and a detail of the worn armature

Armature removed

Oil pan removed and detail of sludge on oil screen

Timing chain cover removed


Head and valves

Cylinder as found

Timing chain with broken links removed from gears

Clutch disk and pressure plate

Flywheel nut

Removing the flywheel

Cylinder and piston removed

Crankshaft removed from case


Flywheel end bearing removed

Removing the timing chain sprocket and main bearing carrier from the crankshaft

Sludge build up on the oil slinger. Next up, reassembly of the engine.

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