Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vintage 1950's German Advertisements

A selection of 1950's quarter page advertisements that were usually found in the back pages of the German magazines such as Das Motorrad, Das Auto Motor und Sport, Roller Mobil Kleinwagen, Motor Rundschau, and ADAC Motorwelt.


  1. Hi Burgess. Is it me, or have you not posted progress on your Isetta in a year (February 2013). I view your blog regularly for guidance on my own restoration in progress, and always look forward to seeing the progress on your project. I've seen you post lots of items other than the progress on your Isetta. Did I miss something? Thanks!

  2. You'r correct. My Isetta restoration has been on the back burner due to my work load and some major shop remodeling projects. I recently wrapped up my remodeling projects and now have much more space to work on vehicles and have actually started working on the Isetta again. In the near future, I'll be doing a post on making and installing the sunroof. Next project after the sunroof is the seat upholstery and the front door panel and pocket.