Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cycle April 1965 - Benelli Cobra Road Test

Wow, $369.00 for a 125 from Cosmopolitan Motors. Montgomery Wards was selling the same 125 branded as a Wards Riverside for $329.00 in 1965.

Or for $349.00 you could have roared into '65 with a Parilla Olimpia. While not one of the most desirable models among the Parilla crowd. It's worth quite a bit more than a Benelli today.

I'm really a sucker for the oldtimers that had pressed sheet metal bodies like the Motom 98, Aermacchi Chimera, and Parilla Slughi. Here's one out of Holland called a Sparta. Apparently there were a batch of these imported to the United States. I've never seen one come up for sale.

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