Saturday, July 27, 2013

Isetta Video - Jack's Toy

Here's a nice video produced by Petrolicious Productions about an Isetta owner who purchased his Isetta new in the 50's and later sold it when the BMW dealers quite working on them. During 1970's gas shortages, he began regretting selling his Isetta and started looking for another one. He eventually managed to find his original car which had only logged an additional 25 miles since he sold it. Click on the above photo to go to the video.

Another good video on the Petrolicious website that would be of interest to microcar aficionados is the video titled "Speed of Sunshine". It's the story of a Fiat 500 owner and her meticulously restored Fiat. Click on the above photo to go to that video. And as they like to say at Petrolicious, "Drive Tastefully"

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