Monday, February 18, 2013

Isetta - Gas Cap

An original gas cap for the German made Isetta's. The material is bakelite with a painted aluminum emblem.

Here's another version of the Isetta gas cap. I've seen some metal reproduction caps that looked like this and didn't realize they were based on this original bakelite gas cap. I'm guessing this is an earlier version than what was on my Isetta's. As you can see from the final ebay bidding price, it was quite a hot commodity.


  1. Lovely photo of this original BMW gas cap. Are these available for sale anywhere? Thank you.

  2. At one time a company in Uruguay was reproducing these. Unfortunately I heard a lot of negative feedback about this company. Bruce Weiner was involved in a lawsuit with them and eventually won and was awarded their inventory. There may be some of those caps floating around somewhere, but I haven't seen any of them available. The most common reproduction gas cap available is steel with the BMW logo stamped (embossed) in the steel.