Thursday, January 3, 2013

Soldering Control Cables

It's been bothering me that my Csepel's clutch cable was a tad too long and as a result the adjuster screw was not properly threaded into the mount on the engine. It was bothering me enough that I finally decided to fix it. The items I used to accomplish this were a propane torch, liquid soldering flux (hydrochloric acid based), silver bearing solid solder, a file, cable cutters, ball peen hammer, and a simple home made soldering pot.

I experimented with using a soldering iron but found the most effective way is to make a simple soldering pot. For my soldering pot I used a cap that is intended for 3/4" pipe. I cut up small pieces of solder and placed them in the cap and then heated the cap until the solder became molten. 

The next step was to dip the end of my cable into the liquid soldering flux and then into the molten solder. I've seen this referred to as tinning the cable.

The cable barrels on my Csepel are a size I couldn't find, so I ended up making my own barrels. These are 7mm in diameter and 12mm in length. I drilled a hole sized for the 2mm cable I'm using, and I also countersunk the hole.

I then inserted the cable into the barrel so that about 2mm was protruding and clamped it in a vice with rubber jaws as not to damage the cable.

I then used a ball peen hammer to smash or mushroom out the end of the cable.

After peening the end of the cable, I slid the barrel back and dipped the end of the cable in soldering flux again. I then slid the barrel back to where it is suppose to be and dipped the end of the cable and barrel into the molten solder a couple of times. It looks a little crude in this photo, but will easily clean up with a little filing.

The soldered cable end after cleaning up with a file. 

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