Thursday, November 1, 2012

Isetta - Dash and Steering Wheel

I've now got my dash and steering wheel installed. I was recently watching the Isetta episode of Wheeler Dealers from my last post and noticed that they installed the door, dash, and steering wheel in completely different order than I did. I installed my bare door (no glass) first. They installed their steering wheel and column with the dash attached first. I next attached my dash to the door, followed by attaching the steering column to the steering housing and dash.  They installed their completely assembled door after they had installed the steering wheel, column, and dash. After their door was mounted, they connected the dash to the door. The last step for me will be installing the glass. I'm sure the Wheeler Dealers have restored many more cars than me, but after watching them, I feel the order I did it in was much easier. 

Before installing my dash and steering wheel, I finished up the wiring on my dash. I had one little minor disappointment with the wiring. I couldn't fit the new wiring through the original piece of conduit that runs from the dash to the left side of the car. I ended up using a black woven sheath instead. I really want to keep the car as original as possible, but there was just no way to get the new wiring through the original conduit.

One other little problem I had was the silent blocks that are installed in the door were a little to wide to fit in the openings of the dash where it fits over them. If you're installing silent blocks in your door, I would first check to make sure they fit in the dash. It's much easier to sand or file them a little thinner before they're installed than having to file them down after they're installed in the door like I had to do.

Check out that new reproduction rubber floor mat. I'm really glad Isettas-R-Us reproduces these. It's a nice original detail. Now that the dash and steering wheel are installed I need to finish up the wiring and get the front windshield installed.

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