Monday, September 3, 2012

Isetta - Misc. Updates

I said I've been slacking on my Isetta restoration, but I have been working on various things. One of the things I was working on is refurbishing the the under seat heat heater. It's been bead blasted, painted, and like many heaters, the lever for the flap was broken, which has been replaced with a reproduction heater flap from Isettas R Us.

I also needed to shorten the length of the heater cable.

After shortening the cable I also needed to adjust the castle nut on the heater and choke levers just a little tighter so that they would hold the cables in the desired position.

I've also been working on the wiring harness.

One thing I would really recommend when you're working on a wiring harness is picking up a booklet of wire markers. While all the Isettas wires are color coded, wire markers make it much easier referring to the black and white Isetta wiring diagram. I might also mention that if you need replacement terminal strips, Radio Shack sells the European-Style Terminal Strip. Additionally a good source for wiring harness supplies is the ebay seller 4RCUSTOMS. 4RCUSTOMS sells color coded wire, PVC sleeve tube, shrink tube, and a variety of wiring harness supplies for very reasonable prices with quick shipping. 

I had a minor snafu when I began doing the wiring on the Isetta dash. My body shop had got the paint a little thin in one spot where the primer was showing through. I had to have them respray it. So after a small delay, it's back now and I've begun working on the wiring of the dash.

Another dash related item is I picked up a gas spring to help out the tired original spring in the Isetta door shock. I used a German made Bansbach spring, model # 1 6EYA9. I purchased it from Grainger. I had to fabricate some end pieces for the spring that fit inside the original spring and keep the gas spring centered.

I've also installed the rear and side glass. I can honestly say it was a royal pain in butt. I hope the front windshield goes a little smoother. I've also installed the interior luggage rack and net. Next up is getting the front door on the car.


  1. great post!

    for the hand brake you need also update the large?
    or you have a new one?
    I am trying to get a new hand brake cable but for the moment is not possible? you know if some actual hand brake cable could be adapted?


    1. Thanks, I purchased my hand brake cable from Isettas R Us. I Don't know what country you're in but you might try Isettas R Us or Oldtimerteile. Both sellers ship internationally. I have links to their websites in the sidebar of my blog. - BZ