Friday, January 20, 2012

Isetta - Previous Life

I recently visited the original owner of my two Isettas. I asked her if she might have any vintage photos of when her and her husband drove the Isettas that I could use for my blog. She graciously agreed to let me search her vast collection of slides and photos. Jan and her husband were world travelers and prolific picture takers, so it was quite a task searching through thousands of slides looking for Isetta pictures. I still have more searching to do but already we have found a lot of great pictures of the Isettas which I'll be posting gradually. Since it's winter in Missouri, I'd thought I'd start with some winter time Isetta pictures. Upon seeing these slides again, Jan related to me how challenging it was to drive an Isetta in the snow because the rear tires did not follow the same tire tracks as normal cars.

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