Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Muffler

In an earlier post I was complaining about the fit and quality of a muffler and heat exchanger I purchased from Group Harrington. I recently decided to replace the Harrington muffler with a quality German made muffler. The new German made muffler is an exact match to the Isettas original muffler and it was a perfect fit with no modification.


  1. Hi There -
    I just purchased a 1957 project Isetta 300 and would love to know where you obtained your muffler.
    Looks great!
    Thanks -

  2. Hello....I nearly purchased a muffler from Harrington and thankfully seen your site, no doubt saving me money and grief. Can you advise where you got the muffler? Great site...very informative.

  3. The new muffler I have on my Isetta now, is available in the United States from Isettas R Us. They are also available in Germany from Oldtimerteile. Links to both of these parts suppliers are on the left sidebar of this blog.