Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hella Turn Signal Lenses

Something that my Isettas and Goggomobil have in common is that the both use the same Hella front turn signal lenses.

The lenses on my red Isetta are in pretty good condition, but the lenses on my white Isetta are discolored, crazed, and cracked.

The lenses on my Goggomobil are cracked and broken around the holes for the mounting screws.

Back when I first bought my Isettas, I purchased a set of after market lenses on ebay. As you can see in the photo, the aftermarket lenses are not quite the same quality as an original Hella lens. The screw holes are much larger and missing the metal grommet that is used in a Hella lens. You can also see bubble inclusions in the plastic.

The backside of an aftermarket lense. While the quality is not the same as a Hella lens, you rarely see NOS Hella lenses, or if you do, they're pretty pricey. I was planning on using these aftermarket lenses on my white Isetta, but recently there was a seller on ebay selling NOS Hella lenses.

I managed to pick up a few sets of the NOS Hella lenses for about the same price as I paid for the aftermarket lenses. I think the difference in quality is pretty evident in these photos.

Hella lens on the left, the aftermarket lens on the right.

Since I needed another set of lenses for my Goggomobil, I'm really happy to have found these NOS Hella lenses for a reasonable price.

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