Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saab 96

On my way to the hardware store yesterday and saw this Saab 96 sitting in a parking lot. Ok, it's not a microcar, but I still like them. I get the impression that old Saabs aren't that popular with collectors in the US which is fine by me. I've seen some pretty nice ones sell on ebay for very reasonable prices. While I was snapping these pictures, a rather grumpy man informed me this one was NOT for sale.

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  1. I like these too and, although not "mini" or "micro", they certainly are weird - and weird gets you in our club by default! Are these the ones with the two-stroke engines that youncan trick into running backwards all the way up the gear train (if you're brave or crazy enough to try it)?

    Henry ( too lazy to create a profile) Isetta 300 Owner in Maryland