Saturday, April 16, 2011

Microcar Papercraft

In the United States papercraft or paper models are not as popular a hobby as they are in Japan and Europe, however the internet may be changing that. Since papercraft models can be easily downloaded and printed at home for little or no money, their popularity has sky rocketed worldwide. There are numerous websites and blogs devoted to a wide variety of papercraft model making. In Japan it is very popular for manufacturers of consumer goods to have a section on their website where you can download models of whatever product it is they might manufacture. Whatever your interest, there's probably a papercraft model available.

A great resource for micro and mini car paper models is Ichiyama's Paper Cards. Ichiyama's website has an excellent selection of micro and mini car paper models available as free PDF downloads. Not only is there a nice selection of cars, most of them are available in many different colors. Domo arigato Ichiyama!!


  1. Nice posting on microcar paper craft here I had seen. And so wonderful BMW's old models are there.
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