Saturday, October 16, 2010


It doesn't happen often, but on rare occasions I've had awesome Isetta parts scores on ebay. I picked up this pair of NOS fuel petcocks for under 20.00 with shipping. Obviously the seller had incorrectly listed these, but I was lucky enough to stumble across them, and pick them up for his minimum bid amount. SCORE!!!

The same seller as the petcocks had also incorrectly listed this pair of pistons which I also picked up for under 20.00 with shipping. SCORE!!!

Another awesome score was this pair of NOS Hella old style headlights complete with new bulbs. These were correctly listed, and I was expecting them to sell for at least 3-4 times what I paid for them. I was stunned what I got them for when the auction ended. SCORE!!!

Or how about a box of Bosch W7AC's for $10.00. SCORE!!!

I also picked up a Bosch NOS regulator awhile back for a much better price than I see used or reconditioned ones selling for. I really needed one of these. SCORE!!!


  1. Any 1957 BMW 300 Isetta petcocks for sale or where might I find one? Mine is totally shot. Please

  2. Sometimes Werner Schwark from Isetta R Us has rebuilt ones available. He might also be able to rebuild your original one. I have a link to Isettas R Us on the left side of my blog under Isetta Parts, Service, and Supplies. Greg Hahs aka-Isetta Dude also manufactures a new petcock that looks slightly different but works with the Isetta fuel lever just like the original. I believe Greg sells these for around $130.00. Gregs email is -