Friday, October 16, 2009

Isetta - Body Removal

After sending off the engine and transmission for their rebuilds, I started stripping down the body in preparation for removing it from the chassis.

After removing the French Bulldog and bench seat, the interior panels were removed.

Parking brake cover and passenger side interior panel removed

Detail of steering pivot assembly and switches

Removing the steering column and switches

Removing the pedals and steering housing

Dash Removed

Removing lights and rear view mirror

Lighting components from the drivers side

Stripped down to just the wiring harness

The front and rear glass were no problem getting out, but the condition of the rubber on the side glass prevented the windows from opening, which made removing the aluminum trim piece and glass very difficult. I spent hours with a small chisel carefully digging out rubber until I could open the window enough to drill out the rivets for removal of the aluminum trim and glass.

Removing the sunroof

Bumpers removed

A view of the interior stripped bare with with the door removed

Body removed from chassis

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